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翁仕明 副教授  Shih-ming Weng



沈淵瑤、楊耀舜、何文佑、王淑真、黃亮迪、謝王虎、郭雲鼎、方旭彬、翁仕明、黃琪鈺、吳冠勳、邱南昌等著 (2010)。《兒童身評與診斷》。 北:華杏


1. Jian Gan, Shih-ming Weng(第二作者), Alejandro Pernía-Andrade, Jozsef Csicsvari & Peter Jonas. “Phase-locked inhibition, but not excitation, underlies hippocampal ripple oscillations in awake mice in vivo”. Neuron (2017) Jan 18;93(2):308-314. IF:14.024

2. Gong-Yau Chu, Yu-Fu Chen, Hsiao-Yun Chen, Ming-Hsiao Chan, Churn-Shiouh Gau, Shih-Ming Weng.(通訊作者) “Stem Cell Therapy on Skin: Mechanisms, Recent Advances and Drug Reviewing Issues” Journal of Food and Drug Analysis (2017) (accepted). IF:3.048

3. Kohji Mori  , Shih-Ming Weng(共同第一作者), Thomas Arzberger, Stephanie May, Kristin Rentzsch, Elisabeth Kremmer, Bettina Schmid, Hans A. Kretzschmar, Marc Cruts, Christine van Broeckhoven, Christian Haass, Dieter Edbauer. “Translation of the FTLD/ALS-associated intronic GGGGCC repeat expansion in C9orf72 causes aggregates of dipeptide-repeat proteins”. Science (2013) Mar 15;339(6125):1335-8. (joint first authorship,  : equal contribution). IF:37.205

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1. Young Neurophysiologist Scheme at Cambridge University, UK: 2008/07/12-13 with poster demonstration.

2. 5th Scottish Neuroscience Group Conference at Glasgow, UK: 2008/08/29 with poster demonstration.

3. British Neuroscience Association 20thNational Meeting at Liverpool, UK: 2009/04/19-22 with poster demonstration.

4. Young Life Scientists’ Symposium 2009 at Bristol, UK: 2009/05/14 with poster demonstration.

5. The 22nd Biennial Meeting of the ISN/APSN Joint Meeting Taiwan Satellite Conference- Novel Strategies for Intervention in Neurodegenerative Diseases at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan: 2009/08/30-09/02 with poster demonstration.

6. 50th Annual Meeting of Taiwan Pediatric Association at Taichung, Taiwan: 2009/11/14-15 with oral presentation.

7. The 6th Congress of Asian Society for Pediatric Research & 51st Annual Meeting of Taiwan Pediatric Association at Taipei, Taiwan: 2010/04/15 -18 with oral presentation.

8. 2nd European Congress on Rett Syndrome at Edinburgh, UK: 2010/10/07-10 with poster demonstration.

9. Society for Neuroscience's 40th annual meeting at San Diego, US: 2010/11/13-17 with poster demonstration.

10. Glasgow Neuroscience Day 2011 at Glasgow, UK: 2011/01/12 with poster demonstration.

11. British Neuroscience Association 21st National Meeting at Harrogate, UK: 2011/04/17-20 with oral presentation and poster demonstration.

12. 52nd Annual Meeting of Taiwan Pediatric Association at Taipei, Taiwan: 2011/04/23-24 with oral presentation.

13. The 13th Asian & Oceanian Congress of Child Neurology at Taipei, Taiwan: 2015/05/14-17 with oral presentation.

14. Society for Neuroscience's 45th annual meeting at Chicago, US: 2015/10/17-21 with poster demonstration.

15. 10th Pan Pacific Symposium on Stem Cells and Cancer Research, Hualien, Taiwan: 2017/04/15-17 as invited speaker.

16. 3rd Taiwan-Japan Academic Research Organization Workshop in Fukuoka, Japan: 2017/05/13 as invited speaker.


1. Marie Curie IST postdoctoral fellowship awardee from July 2013 to June 2015

2. Taiwan Government Scholarship for Overseas Studies from year 2007 to 2011 for PhD Program in Neuroscience

3. BNA Travel Bursary in British Neuroscience Association 21st National Meeting at Harrogate, 2011

4. The Distinguished Neuroscience Award in The 2005 Neuroplasticity Symposium and The 2nd TMU Neuroscience Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan

5. 2014年獲頒陳炯霖基金會優秀兒科研究主治醫師獎。


原台北市立萬芳醫學中心小兒神經科主治醫師,台北醫學大學醫學系畢業。於萬芳醫院服務期間,除服務小兒科病患之外,亦熱衷於醫學科學研究,師承施子弼教授並致力於人類羊膜幹細胞之醫療運用。爾後於小兒神經科沈淵瑤教授指導下,成為小兒神經科專科醫師,並於2008年起接受教育部補助,負笈旅英至格拉斯哥大學,專攻神經科學領域。2012年初起擔任博士後研究員,曾任職於慕尼黑大學的德國神經退化疾病中心,並於2013年七月,獲頒歐盟居禮夫人獎學金(Marie Curie Fellowships),前往位於維也納的奧地利科技大學(The Institute of Science and Technology, Austria),繼續神經醫學的相關研究。2014年曾獲頒陳炯霖基金會優秀兒科研究主治醫師獎,2015年八月起回國擔任財團法人醫藥品查驗中心醫學研究員,主管細胞治療部分。自2018年二月轉任為國立台北護理健康大學語言治療與聽力學系所專任副教授。



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